During my High School time I learned how to work with textiles. The 5 year program includes learning how to sew, material knowledge, pattern making, fashion design and making ideas real. This school is preparing students to be ready for the textile industry from the business and practical perspective. Two of my favorite projects from that time are shown bellow.

I believe my technical textile background influenced my thinking ever since as well as being able to think in wearables on interactive experiences.

Sand Paper Skirt – 2002

This project was created for hardware store in Austria. The client asked for making all their products wearable resulting in a fashion show.  I found the perception of fashion fascinating and chose to make a cute looking outfit, related to the 50's where the image of the women was very distinct. But by using sandpaper as the material, coming closer was nearly impossible. 


Dancing outfits for a fairytale theme – 2004

My final Project was in collaboration with the Dance Art School in Dornbirn (Austria). We were offered  to pick the fairytale of our choice and design a whole collection for the dancers. My fairytale was called 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses', a Brother Grimme story about princesses breaking out every night to go for a dance. 

To design for movement was a nice challenge, since clothe for the stage needs to be more dominant but in the other hand also very durable. Also making one sized garments to fit more people in the dance school added on to the fun of working in given restrictions. 


A wedding dress in a day – 2014

I had the honor to make a wedding dress for my dearest friend Ayse while we were studying in Sweden together. Since time was not one of the things we had too much of we thought to make one wedding dress in a day with the materials available to us. 

Photo credit: Moon Mark