Encouraging blood donation

Diploma Thesis
March 2011 - June 2011
FH Joanneum - University of Applied Science


The intention of my Diploma Project was it to increase the number of blood donations by creating a system which changes the donor’s experience of the whole donation process. In addition, I found it equally as important to develop a way to raise the awareness in others so that new potential donors are interested in becoming involved.

Artifacts for the service - touch points 

slides_final design.jpg

Bandage -  cover the view


Personal patch - a gesture of solidarity

slides_final design3.jpg

One hand controller - distraction during the donation

slides_final design4.jpg

In context



The research started with the American Red Cross in Chicago. Being around a Blood drive from the very beginning until the end and talking to Nurses as well as to Donors helped me to understand the process of Blood donation in America. 

Besides that I got to do some interview with longtime donors as well as a Survey through Facebook.

Research findings and analysis 

Concept Developement

Degree - Exhibition