Thanks for dropping by.

My name is Doris and I grew up on the Alps. A small place where nature was the only inspiration I had and needed. Today I am working at Veryday New York as a Designer. Here I am designing services and experiences in topic areas that speak to my passion in health and wellbeing.

My passion for combining emotions and strategy with the inspiration of patterns of human behaviors to make experiences honest, fun, healthy, exciting is what I include in every design challenge I am facing. 

I love the thinking process, the sharing process but most of all do I enjoy to build and test process. Design can be so many things, especially in an idealistic thinker like me, thats why making is a crucial iteration tool to make it happen. 

For me, it is important to delve deep into a topic, to the core of the subject matter to fully feel the situation and sense the environmental values in order to understand the story around it and effectively create solutions.

Outside of my profession my love goes to traditions and crafts that are based on functional needs back in the days. Like using old fabric to create rugs or making leather cases for durability or making food from what farmers had at home... I like to learn them to keep them alive.